Steve, James and the entire Miss Geico team have reluctantly had to hand their winnings over to Victory Team at todays Lake of the Ozarks race in Missouri. Victory gave an impressive lead from the start as they continued to gain ground over our guys which then left 222 in third place.

Technical issues had clearly hit Miss Geico early on – and as the boat continued to lose speed during laps 3 and 4 fans watching live saw Miss Geicos power diminish as they slowly retired from the race.

Steve and James will have tried all they could, but a broken propellor lead them to exit the course to investigate. More details of these issues are yet to be announced.

Congratulations to the Victory Team for taking this win. The crew at Geico will now head back to their HQ in West Palm Beach to take a closer look at what occurred today and start to prepare for the 4th July weekend OPA Sarasota race.