The Offshore Model Racing Association (OMRA) has been running a UK championship for almost 50 years. Attracting the most die-hard enthusiasts in model power boating. Building and racing at the peak of model boat design to handle offshore conditions. While hosting races at some of the UK’s best coastal locations. It’s a great way for people into power boats to get into racing.

In 2019 OMRA welcomes Steve Curtis MBE as official ambassador to the association. We hope this collaboration will help bring more people into the great sport of Offshore Powerboat Racing with boats large or small!

“I think it is great that associations like OMRA allow anybody of any age to enjoy the sport. I have got kids and I know how much my boy has loved playing with his Geico model in our swimming pool – he sank it mind. I am honoured to support powerboat racing in anyway I can and I look forward to seeing some of the members out on the water this year”. – Steve Curtis.

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