The excitement and speculation has finally settled since Miss GEICO threw themselves into the final bend at the Sarasota Grand Prix in a dramatic chase for the top spot. The result was a capsized crew and a decent amount of damage worth a few hours back at GEICO HQ. But that hasn’t deterred the team as Crew Chief Gary Stray was quick to rustle up a new ride in time for this weekends race at St.Clair MI. For the next three events the Miss GEICO will lease Zaborowski Offshore’s 41-foot Victory catamaran. “I called Jan Zaborowski and said, ‘Jan, I have a proposal I want to run by you,'” he said. “‘Let’s turn your red boat into a yellow boat. Let us lease it for our next three events.’ We have known each other for like 30 years and he said, ‘Gary, consider it your boat.’”

Just moments before the crash Miss GEICO’s media guy Cole McGowan caught some incredible footage of Steve and James in their fight to take the lead over VICTORY Team who had made good ground to separate themselves during the initial lap of the race. You can see how Steve continued to push hard into the corners to drive them closer towards the leaders; unfortunately the boat hit a wake on the last bend which capsized them – moments later safety crew arrived to aid their rescue. Luckily both crew exited without assistance. VICTORY Team had a copy cat situation as they struggled to keep distance from Steve.

So, with all that behind us the Miss GEICO team are now making their way North for the 4th leg of this 2019 US APBA Offshore Championship. They may not be taking their original boat with them, but the team have removed the Mercury Racing 1100 Comp engines from their damaged race boat and fitted them to the Zaborowski boat which will hopefully sit well during testing and make for a great race when they hit the next course.

Good luck team and go catch that finish line!

Photo from the 2019 Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.