Currently finishing their Saturday night parade in Michigan City, Indiana the Miss GEICO team are ready to face round 5 of the 2019 US APBA Offshore Championship tomorrow. With a few changes made since last weekends race the crew are slowly becoming more familiar with the boat on loan to them since losing the original Miss GEICO in the Sarasota crash. Steering and seating adjustments will make for a better cockpit set up aside the technical adjustments which Gary Stray and his team will have been on top of.

Without returning home to GEICO HQ the Miss GEICO race boat remained North awaiting tomorrows race since St.Clair at the end of July. Meaning that complex changes have not been possible and the team have had to achieve the best set up they can within the limited time frame available to them. Still not completely happy they have prepared themselves as best they can, which is why the crew are so crucial in this, especially when they have to make-do, yet still deliver the goods on race day.

“We are encouraged by the results from today’s test session. The steering is much better, so I think we should be a lot more competitive than we were in St Clair. Miles and I are communicating well in the cockpit. Collectively, the team is working to identify areas of the boat we can improve upon to find more pace, as this is only our second race with the Zabo hull. The weather looks calm tomorrow which is unfortunate, but Lake Michigan has a way of producing sporty water, so we’ll monitor it and hope for the best. Overall, we have a better platform to work with tomorrow.” Steve said.