By Jenny (Pete’s Sister).

Born on 26th March 1960 at home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire to parents Kay and Leslie
Brother to Jenny

We had a happy family life, made richer by many great aunts, great uncles to spoil us and cousins living nearby. Peter was always a bit cheeky, sociable on his terms, stubborn, good with practical things, not very academic and had little time for rules that he thought were unnecessary. He had a small group of school friends and I suspect found school a bit boring. We always had holidays on the Fowey estuary in Cornwall. Firstly staying in a great uncle’s house in Fowey, by the Car Ferry and then in Polruan.

Kay and Leslie bought a house in Polruan in the late 1960’s and the house remains a much loved part of our family today. Hertfordshire is not known for its boating being miles from the sea, but during our many stays in Polruan we loved pottering on the water. As we got older we progressed from a small rubber dinghy to a small rowing boat and then a boat with an engine. I guess that’s where Peters passion for boats came from!

Dad (Leslie) bought a kit sailing dinghy called a Mirror and Peter and Leslie enjoyed constructing it in our back garden and garage and then sailing it both in Fowey and later on the Hamble. By this time Peter was already passionate about boats and spent much of his time drawing boats of all sorts. At 16 Peter had to decide what he wanted to do next as he didn’t want to stay on at school. I don’t remember there being much discussion as it was clear that he wanted to be a boat builder and that necessitated moving away from home. So, at 16 he moved to Falmouth and did a boat building course for a couple of years at Falmouth College.

When he completed the course he announced that he wanted to be a boat builder, but only of powerboats – and preferably Cougar powerboats! Nothing simple! This singlemindedness was a typical trait – he was not prepared to compromise on certain things important to him. I guess he chose Cougar not the other way around!! Leslie took him to visit the Cougar boatyard where he met Clive Curtis…and the rest is history….

I’ve also been reflecting on his life and how rich it has been in many ways – shorter than most but rich. He became a part of the Curtis family as well as our own and hence was part of 2 loving families He did a job that was his passion and his Hobby – not many can say that about their life. He enjoyed travelling around and meeting and socialising with a wide set of people who all shared his passion. Unfortunately living life on his terms meant he didn’t really look after his health – and didn’t let any of us know until it was too late – but he hated any fussing so that’s probably why.

You will always be missed Peter, we are all so very proud of you.