This year the pandemic has changed the lives of so many people in various ways. But, for the first time in around 35 years Steve Curtis the Worlds most recognised throttleman has had to take a vacation from racing.

Since the age of 21 Steve has spent 6 months of every year in a race boat. His life centres around racing, and even in the offseason there is still always prep to be done. But this season, all there was to do was prep!

Since the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix crash in July 2019 Steve and the team at Miss Geico have been rebuilding and re-rigging their 47-foot Victory catamaran while waiting for some news that racing would return.

Between Pastrana, Lilly and Curtis there comes a deep wealth of knowledge in motor racing from various plains. And, because of the talent the trio holds between them, a lack of time to “gel” was fast tracked by the ready made experience of all three men. Ultimately allowing communication and understanding on another level.
Although the 2020 offshore race season hasn’t shaped up to its predecessors, it has delivered one important lesson to Steve and his team, in that you can never be too prepared for any eventuality and even if you’re not, doing the best with what you have will see you through.
Luckily for the Miss GEICO team they already employ the best of the best who triumphantly brought home the chequered flag last weekend at the Crystal Coast World Championships in Morehead City, N.C. It wasn’t the season they’d hoped for but to finish this season at all was a huge surprise.

Welcome to the team Travis & Bret.