With a wealth of experience under their umbrella both Cougar Powerboats and Offshore racing Services benefit from a vast knowledge of the powerboat industry both technically and commercially.

Cougar Powerboats

From the Company’s beginnings in 1969 the Cougar name has been synonymous with cutting edge technology with both mono and multihull powerboat designs for commercial, military, racing and leisure purposes. For over 47 years our constant striving to make technical advantages in the development of high strength and lightweight structures to maximise performance on the water has forged an enviable reputation that is recognised throughout the maritime world.

Originally founded by Clive Curtis, James Beard & Chris Hodges the company today is run by and continues its winning ways through Clive’s son, multiple World Champion Steve Curtis and the Cougar team.

A long line of high performance craft with impeccable sea keeping have been designed and produced, from boats thoroughly tested and proven on race circuits around the world. The first catamaran to win an international offshore powerboat race was a Cougar and this revolutionary design heralded an era of dominance, which is still today echoed by the Company’s involvement with developing Honda’s one class race series into the largest one design series in the world and its involvement with the Spirit of Qatar offshore racing team.

Lessons learned and technology researched and developed in racing has been directly used in the design and production of Cougar’s entire range of boats, even down to the introductory 6 metre rigid inflatable boat. The Company prides itself on this unrivalled approach and will always seek to strive and refine all processes to the benefit of our clients.

Today Cougar is not a high volume manufacturer but it specialises in building custom bespoke boats around the clients requirements.

Offshore Racing Services

ORS are renowned for their enviable reputation and ability in boat set up, construction, safety and performance having proved our design concepts on race circuits around the World. We provide our customers with a variety of services, whether that be at a competitive level or for pleasure, we have everything covered.

With our extensive knowledge in powerboat racing our team will offer the support necessary to get you out of the fleet. We cover all aspects of powerboating to give you the ultimate experience at the venue.

Our team will be on hand to offer advanced technical support and the  tools to get you into that top position keeping your boat running at its highest performance. Safety and preparedness is the key to victory, so set up is a fine line for performance. Having the boat set up correctly means you will have the optimum speed and handling for your needs.

  • Powerboat Racing
  • Poker Run

Synonymous with our famous heritage at a Cougar Powerboats, ORS are constantly working to make technical advantages in the development of high strength and lightweight structures, especially when it comes to new boat construction. ORS work with manufacturers providing changes in technologies for performance, style, and safety. Whether it be a canopy race boat or open leisure cockpit, we are the best at maximising performance on the water.